Matrimonial Real Property Toolkit

thumbnail of MRP Toolkit Manual Version 4.0 Final August 15, 2017The toolkit is an integrated set of printed materials, worksheets, flowcharts, checklists, and training modules designed for use by First Nations and their professional associates.



thumbnail of annex-family-homes-on-reserves-and-matrimonial-interest-or-rights-act

Annex – Family Homes on Reserves and Matrimonial Interest or Rights Act


thumbnail of mrp-law-making-process

MRP Law Making Process

thumbnail of mrp-ratification-process

MRP Ratification Process

thumbnail of annex-plain-language-version-of-the-act

Annex – Plain Language Version of the Act

thumbnail of annex-model-family-property-law-for-certificates-of-possession-

Annex – Model Family Property Law for Certificates of Possession

thumbnail of annex-model-family-property-law-for-custom-allotments-

Annex – Model Family Property Law for Custom Allotments

thumbnail of mrp-law-making-process-checklist

MRP Law-Making Process Checklist

thumbnail of MRP Law-Making Journal Version 2.0

MRP Law Making Journal