Training Powerpoints

This folder includes PowerPoint Presentations provided at toolkit training sessions.

thumbnail of module-1-need-for-mrp-act

Module 1 – Need for MRP Act

thumbnail of module-2-mrp-lawmaking-model-process

Module 2 – MRP Lawmaking Model Process

thumbnail of module-3-mrp-model-ratification-process

Module 3 – MRP Model Ratification Process

thumbnail of module-4-provisional-federal-rules

Module 4 – Provisional Federal Rules

thumbnail of module-5-mrp-model-law-walk-through

Module 5 – MRP Model Law Walk-Through

thumbnail of module-6-alternative-dispute-resolution

Module 6 – Alternative Dispute Resolution

thumbnail of module-7-mrp-law-or-pfrs-in-effect

Module 7 – MRP Law or PFRs in Effect

thumbnail of module-8-fhrmira-impacts-on-ilrs

Module 8 – FHRMIRA Impacts on ILRS