Since inception in 2000, NALMA has built a reputation for providing support to First Nations across Canada relating to the management of reserve lands. NALMA’s achievements provide the perfect foundation upon which to build the Centre of Excellence for Matrimonial Real Property.

NALMA responded to a call for proposals posted on the AANDC website. The proposal was reviewed by an Assessment Committee comprised of representatives from Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Status of Women Canada, and Public Safety Canada; the Assessment Committee provided a recommendation to the Minister.

Based on NALMA’s extensive experience and connection to reserve land issues, on November 14th, 2013 Minister Bernard Valcourt officially announced NALMA as the host of the Centre of Excellence for Matrimonial Real Property.

The Centre operates at arm’s length from the Government of Canada, and provides the following services:

  • Guide First Nations who are opting to develop their own MRP laws
  • Provide information on the protections and rights available to individuals and families living on reserve
  • Assist with implementing the provisional federal rules
  • Provide research on alternative dispute resolution mechanisms