Matrimonial Real Property Focused Training

The Centre of Excellence for Matrimonial Real Property is pleased to announce the addition of three new MRP Toolkits to its training regime.  Each Toolkit provides focused training on one of the three major aspects of implementing the Family Homes on Reserves and Matrimonial Interests or Rights Act.  Each Toolkit is intended as stand-alone training on one aspect of the implementation of the Family Homes on Reserves and Matrimonial Interests or Rights Act.  This allows for a more focused exploration of each aspect of the legislation. 

These Toolkits and associated training materials will provide a fulsome understanding of all aspects of the legislation.

  1. Provisional Federal Rules (PFR) Toolkit was developed for use by those First Nations who have not yet passed their own MRP law or who have chosen to use the to use the provisional rules contained in FHRMIRA to deal with MRP issues.  This Toolkit provides a detailed understanding of the rights and remedies available to spouses or common-law partners resident on-reserve until a First Nation enacts its own law.  It also provides information on the provisions of the Act intended to balance these individual interests with the collective interest of the First Nation and the role of the First Nation Council in this regard.
  2. MRP Law-making and Ratification Toolkit is for those First Nations who want to pass their own MRP law. This Toolkit provides a model lawmaking process that includes a variety of best practices for engaging community members.  Group exercises allow for discussion on codifying existing traditional practices and exploring new processes that reflect evolving land and housing regimes.  In addition, this Toolkit provides a model ratification process consistent with the provisions contained in ss. 7-1.
  3. Implementation of an MRP Regime Toolkit, deals with the effective administration of MRP regimes under either the provisional federal rules or a First Nation community specific law. This Toolkit explores such topics as establishment of an MRP Implementation Committee; on-going awareness of MRP within the community; best practices; the development, implementation, evaluation and amendment of policies, procedures and guidelines; template process charts; staff training; day-to-day handling of MRP files; educating supporting players such as, courts, judges, police and social services; the importance of publishing your MRP law; developing your own dispute resolution process; reporting to leadership on implementation; Chief and Council involvement; INAC forms; and finally, the importance of keeping an implementation journal.

We are pleased to offer a sponsorship to First Nations of up to $2,500.00 per First Nation, to assist registered participants with the travel cost of attending the MRP Training session. The First Nation will be reimbursed upon receipt of a completed travel claim, accompanied by original associated receipts. Subject to NALMA Education Policy.

We will host one (1) Focused Toolkit Training session in 2019-2020 to include all three toolkits:

We Could Also Come To You!

The Centre of Excellence is also pleased to announce we are NOW offering any of the above-mentioned Focused Toolkit Training to be held in your community.

If your First Nation or First Nation organization is interested in hosting one of these sessions or for more information, please contact our MRP Coordinator Crystal Cummings at

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